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Farnam Street is devoted to helping you develop an understanding of how the world really works, make better decisions, and live a better life. We address such topics as mental models, decision making, learning, reading, and the art of living.

In a world full of noise, Farnam Street is a place where you can step back and think about time-tested ideas while asking yourself questions that lead to meaningful understanding. We cover ideas from science and the humanities that will not only expand your intellectual horizons but also help you connect ideas, think in multidisciplinary ways, and explore meaning.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and run by Shane Parrish, we operate around the globe and have helped millions of people master the best of what other people have already figured out.

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Attrition Warfare: When Even Winners Lose

July 18, 2017

When warring opponents use similar approaches and possess similar weapons, trench warfare becomes inevitable. The winning side usually has a slight advantage in production capability or resources. It’s hard to see when you’re in it, but most people and businesses are in some form of attrition warfare. The best way out is to use a […]

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Zero — Invented or Discovered?

July 12, 2017

It seems almost a bizarre question. Who thinks about whether zero was invented or discovered? And why is it important? Answering this question, however, can tell you a lot about yourself and how you see the world. Let’s break it down. “Invented” implies that humans created the zero and that without us, the zero and […]

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The Trojan Horse: How Marketers, Retailers, and Artists Conceal Their True Intents

July 11, 2017

“Image: The Trojan Horse. Your guile is hidden inside a magnificent gift that proves irresistible to your opponent. The walls open. Once inside, wreak havoc.” — Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power *** The Basics The story of the Trojan Horse is perhaps the most famous of all the Greek myths. The Trojan War […]

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