Incentives Matter: An Interview with Stephen J. Dubner

I thought the climate change part of this interview with Stephen Dubner,co-author of Super Freakonomics, was pretty interesting.

On climate change

If the world gets a lot hotter in a hurry and the primary aim is to cool it down, then the current plan of carbon mitigation will almost certainly not be effective. It’ll be too little, too late, and too optimistic – in large part because the atmospheric half-life of CO2 is roughly 100 years. So if you’re really concerned with warming, it seems wise to at least consider alternate solutions, a great variety of which fall under the rubric of “geoengineering,” and which many environmentalists find repugnant on many levels. It’s interesting to note, however, that the repugnance barrier on many issues has changed over time. Nuclear power, for instance, is back up for serious consideration even in the U.S., and some of its strongest advocates are former leaders of various environmentalist movements.

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