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The Creepy Back-Room Incentives in the Fashion Industry

This situation is designed turn the brain into mush …There are so many psychological influences at play here including: uncertainty, social proof, authority, incentives, stress influence, possible drug influence, Gresham's law (where bad behavior corrupts the good), etc. 

“Keep in mind that many of the models are 14 or 15 when they start out in the business, often come from eastern Europe, don't speak much English and are without their parents,” he said. “They can be sent on a casting and told by their bookers to make sure they impress the photographer who can potentially make their careers. This can be a brew for disaster for these young women who often don't know what to expect and what is appropriate.”

Ole pointed out that the supermodel era is over and today a career might last a season or two. Surely this increased disposability ignites desperation to please in models of all ages, particularly in the presence of a world-renowned photographer masking his own sexual predilections under the triple shrug of “irony,” “fun” and “art.”

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