Interesting Reads

1. The risk of playing down change is that you miss the next big thing. But since there's an equal risk of over-reaction, does anyone know of a business bestseller with the mantra: “Calm down?

2. A study finds that the sexes interpret the world differently, with men more likely to judge it in black-and-white terms. … “Successful” CEOs have traditionally been seen as strong, decisive leaders who take charge—very much the commander role. But in a fast-changing, complex and global market, adapting quickly to change and fostering creative innovation are increasingly important survival skills for companies to master. And those strengths often come more naturally to people who are more comfortable with ambiguity and who see the world, or at least CAN see the world, from multiple viewpoints, or in multiple shades of gray.

3. “I wept because I had no Porsche, and then I saw a man who had no BMW.” … the human brain seems to be perversely wired for relative judgments, even when the comparisons sabotage our well-being.