The Happiest Brands In the World

“People align themselves with a brand that reflects what they see when they look in the mirror…”

Happiness Tactic No. 1: Make Us Feel Like a Kid Again

“Certain companies know that they have something—a classic label, a certain smell or taste or feel—that make people remember their childhoods, a time people relate to being happy and worry-free,”

Happiness Tactic No. 2: Make Us Feel We’re Part of Something Bigger

“These are brands aligned with a purpose. It’s not something you need an MBA to understand—more a promise, or a mantra of virtue. Those virtues are built into the product and the experience,” he says, “and the consumer feels as If they are as valuable of a part of that experience as any.”

Happiness Tactic No. 3: Help Us Escape

“For a big population of people, women in particular,” says Salzman, “Starbucks is their clubhouse, and often the difference between losing her mind at home or not losing her mind at all.”

Happiness Tactic No. 4: Let Us Help

When Facebook makes a formatting change, or alters its privacy settings, their 800 million Friends are the first to complain. In fact, it seems like nearly 50% of posts on Facebook are about Facebook. “But we forgive them just as fast,” says Russell. “I think deep down consumers get that Facebook is listening. That Facebook is trying to be innovative, and they may not always get it right. But when they get it wrong, they let us tell them. And most of the time, they listen.”

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