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Dieting Tips From a Book About Willpower

Some tidbits from Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength

Inner versus external cues:

Yes, obese people ignored their inner cues, but that’s not why they became obese. It worked the other way: Their obesity made them likely to go on diets, and their diets caused them to rely on external instead of internal cues. For what is a diet but a plan imposing external rules? Dieters learn to eat according to a plan, not to their inner feelings and cravings. Dieting means being hungry a lot of the time …

Losing weight

If you’re serious about controlling your weight, you need the discipline to follow these three rules: 1. Never go on a diet. 2. Never vow to give up chocolate or any other food. 3. Whether you’re judging yourself or judging others, never equate being overweight with having weak willpower. You may not have kept your resolution to lose ten pounds this year, but that doesn’t mean you should take up a diet or swear off sweets. And you certainly shouldn’t lose faith in your ability to accomplish other feats, because being overweight is not a telltale sign of weak willpower …

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