Stop Trying To Do So Much Work

Why is it that we all seem overwhelmed and burned out at work?

More than the number of hours we work, we're trying to do too many things at the same time. The biggest cost of this “multitasking” is a loss of productivity.

Here are some interesting tips:

If you're a manager, here are three policies worth promoting:

1. Maintain meeting discipline. …

2. Stop demanding or expecting instant responsiveness at every moment of the day. …

3. Encourage renewal. …

It's also up to individuals to set their own boundaries. Consider these three behaviors for yourself:

1. Do the most important thing first in the morning, preferably without interruption, for 60 to 90 minutes, with a clear start and stop time. If possible, work in a private space during this period, or with sound-reducing earphones. Finally, resist every impulse to distraction, knowing that you have a designated stopping point. The more absorbed you can get, the more productive you'll be. When you're done, take at least a few minutes to renew.

2. Establish regular, scheduled times to think more long term, creatively, or strategically. …

3. Take real and regular vacations. Real means that when you're off, you're truly disconnecting from work. …

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