Ten Ways Your Local Grocery Store Hacks Your Brain

Ten examples of how consumers get baffled by branding:

(1) Fooled by Fresh Flowers — … This creates an image of “fresh from the farm” delectability that sets the tone for their shopping experience.

(2) Crazed by Counterfeit Crates — … This is deliberately done to create the image of workers piling the crates of freshly picked fruit on top of one another.

(3) Baffled by Bananas — … Companies like Dole have analyzed the sales effects of all varieties of color and, as a result, plant their crops under conditions most ideal to creating the right ‘color.'

(4) Muddled by Missing Milk — … Having to walk down the aisles to get to your basics makes it more likely you'll pick up some delectable, yet expensive impulse buy, placed precisely at eye level, along the way.

(5) Exasperated by Expiration Dates — … Stores often add these dates to have you throw out the products and replace them more often, leading to more sales

(6) Dedazzled by Bottled Waters — … In some cases, bottled waters can actually be more dehydrating than tap water, due to the high salt content.

(7) Oggling Oodles of Organics — … The term “organic” is also sometimes used when it shouldn't be, such as the case of the farm with fat, happy chickens grazing the land that charged top dollar, only they bought the stuff they sold to the stores from the overcrowded, dark chicken coop down the road.

(8) Exasperated by Faux Environmentalists — … Research shows many people buy the “greener” products, not to save the environment, but to keep up with the bicycling, composting Prius owners next door. There seems to be some status in showing how altruistic you are, especially if you can afford the higher price – a phenomenon known as “competitive altruism.”

(9) Tracked by Techno-Geeks — … those supermarket cards track every purchase.

(10) Nailed by Neuromarketers — … In one study, experimenters could predict buying choices, 7 seconds before consumers knew what they were going to buy. As Velma from Scooby Doo once said, “Jinkies!”


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