Behind The Iron Curtain of Scientology

Tony Ortega interviews (part two) John Brousseau, who was a 32-year member of Scientology. Brousseau left in 2010 and he is the last person to escape from the “International Base who is talking publicly about it.”

In some ways, Brousseau's tale is one of the most remarkable to come out of the secretive organization, and one that parallels so much of Scientology's own development and controversies.

He and (Scientology leader David) Miscavige were brothers in law. They were both young cameramen working for Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard during his movie-making phase. Brousseau was Hubbard's personal chauffeur and helped maintain the cloak of secrecy when Hubbard vanished for good. He watched Miscavige transform Scientology and turn its base into a prison camp. He worked for Tom Cruise, which included serving in the household with Cruise and Katie Holmes. And having worked closely with both Cruise and Miscavige, he has choice things to say about the nature of their relationship.

There are few people, in other words, more qualified to provide a front-row seat to what the Church of Scientology has been through since 1977. And this is his story.

Still curious? Marc Headley provides an insider's view of life as a member of Scientology's “Sea Organization”. Headley worked at Scientology's secret desert compound, which houses all Scientology management, for 15 years.

(via kottke)