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Marshall McLuhan — Old Versus New Assumptions

Today would have been Marshall McLuhan's 102nd Birthday.

McLuhan, for those unfamiliar with him, rocketed from an unknown academic to rockstar with the publication of Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man in 1964. The core of the book happens to be a phrase many of us are familiar with: “The medium is the message.”

But long before those famous words were ever spoken, McLuhan offered advice on the evolving media landscape. This interview from 1960 offers as much wisdom today as it did then.

When any new form comes into the foreground of things, we naturally look at it through the old stereos. We can’t help that. This is normal, and we’re still trying to see how will our previous forms of political and educational patterns persist under television. We’re just trying to fit the old things into the new form, instead of asking what is the new form going to do to all the assumptions we had before.

(via Marshall McLuhan Speaks)

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