5 Tips to Present Like Steve Jobs

“All battles are won or lost before they are ever fought.” — Sun Tzu

Julien Smith watched some old Steve Jobs presentations and came away with some tips.

Here is how to present like Steve Jobs:

1. Speak slowly

One thing that you’ll notice is that Steve doesn’t have a lot of talking he actually does. He has only a few points, and he goes deeply into them. That’s it. …

2. Translate the technical

1000 songs? Who gives a damn? What I need to know is that 1000 songs is my whole library. I mean, I already know this, but Steve tells me anyway just in case. …

3. Repeat over and over again

It’s amazing how many times Jobs says the same thing. …

4. Speak to the press (and to the bloggers)

The other thing that’s amazing is that our guy at Apple is basically spoon-feeding the press as he is speaking. He is saying what’s amazing about the iPod because it needs to be explained.

It needs to be explained because lots of stuff isn’t clear until you’ve thought about it a lot. But once you’ve thought about it, you’re like WOW! So he wants to get you to understand the wow.

By doing that, Jobs actually magnifies his presentation. I guarantee you he has 3 talking points he wants the press to mention, and he drills down on them again and again. And again. …

5. Compare it to everything else on the market

Steve is very good at telling us just how shitty all the other music player alternatives are.
$75 CD player holds one CD? 15 songs on a CD? That’s $5 per song. That’s the baseline. And then he tells us just how good it is compared to the baseline.
$5 is crazy! We do $0.25 a song. Lol. ..

6. Oh, and one more thing

Oh, I did say five, but I meant more … another thing, you need to actually be in awe of what you’ve created.
… So, when you are presenting, you actually need to almost be like Wow, I really think this is incredible, and be incredibly happy and almost scared of what you are doing. … Oh, and side note, it helps if you are an egomaniac / in love with yourself too. ;)

7. Now, the final thing.

In everything Steve does, the reveal is at the end. The whole time, you are being told about this great thing, but you haven’t even seen it!

All of Apple’s reveals are at the end of the launch. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even care! …


Still curious? All great presentations have a common architecture. And the first thing you should do is share something personal.

So much of getting your way in life, whether presentations or promotions, is getting people to like you and building rapport.