Are You An 80 Percenter?

This part of Yvon Chouinard's Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman stood out to me:

I’ve always thought of myself as an 80 percenter. I like to throw myself passionately into a sport or activity until I reach 80 percent proficiency level. To go beyond that requires an obsession and degree of specialization that doesn’t appeal to me. Once I reach that 80 percent level I like to go off and do something totally different …

If you're at 80% and want to improve check out how the science of high performance can get you past the OK Plateau.

Chouinard also highlights the difference between leadership and management.

When you look to hire management, it is important to know the difference between leaders and managers. For instance a branch manager of a bank is expected to avoid risk, not make loans without approval from higher up. Managers have short term vision, implement strategic plans, and keep things running as they always have.

Leaders take risks, have long term vision, create the strategic plans, and instigate change.

The best leadership is by example.

Seems like he and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos think about leadership in a similar way.