Last Lecture Series: 10 Life Lessons

This is a better talk than I imagined. Robert L. Joss, Professor of Finance and Dean Emeritus of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, offers 10 life lessons.

10. Life is like cricket
9. Life is too short to deal with “bad” people
8. Run it like you own it
7. Don't forget to manage side-ways
6. Don't take yourself too seriously
5. Without fear — there is no courage
4. Life is full of “character building experiences”
3. Find the words
2. Use CAT and GSB learning throughout your life
1. Don't forget to renew yourself

Just watch the video,

Here's a sampling from #6.

Stay around people that are smarter than you. Stay around people that will give you honest feedback. Feedback is one of life's great gifts. … When you're lucky enough to get honest feedback, treat it as what it is: one of life's great gifts.

Pair with The Last Lecture.

(h/t Howard Stein)