Re:Think Innovation


How do you change?
How do you learn, adapt and create?
How do you develop your individual creativity?
How do you foster the innovative potential of your organization?
How do you not get left behind?

These are questions that matter, questions that serve as the basis for innovation.

I'm putting on a two-day workshop this fall in Chicago called Re:Think Innovation.

I've been to innovation workshops before. I was bored out of my mind.

You know the type, right?

They seem to fall into two general categories.

The “read this quote and tell everyone how it inspires you” category and the “here's a formula to apply to any situation.” These are the ones that tell you to give your employee's 20% of their time for innovation. As if.

The world is always changing. Situations are different. What works for Google won't necessarily work for your organization. In fact, it probably won't. The people who peddle this crap are nothing more than snakes in suits.

I think there is a better approach and I partnered with the best person I could to help make it a reality.

What if …

What if we designed a workshop from the ground up consistent with Farnam Street principles?

What if instead of prescriptive formulas that everyone forgets as soon as they leave, we focused on curiosity, combinatory play, metaphor, uncertainty, and inversion?

What if instead of an awkward ice-breaker the morning of the first day, I served you drinks and hors d'oeuvres the night before it officially starts?

What if instead of boring conference people and corporate speak we had some really amazing people sign up that already have something in common?

What if we held it at an amazing hotel in downtown Chicago instead of some crappy (but cheap) place in the burbs?

What if instead of trying to make the most money we tried to deliver the most value?

What if we intentionally limited seating instead of trying to fill the most number of seats?

What if we measured success by the amount of lasting change that results?

What if indeed …


Wednesday, September 16th
Cocktail Reception, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Thursday, September 17th
The principles of curiosity, combinatory play, and metaphor.

Friday, September 18th
The principle of uncertain outcomes, practice, and a way forward.


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