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What if it Were You?

I remember the moment Farnam Street started. It was the same day that I realized my MBA was full of hot air.

Since then I’ve been plugging away trying to go to bed each night a little wiser than when I woke up.

In many ways Farnam Street is a labour of love. Each year it takes more and more time (and more and more money) to produce and deliver.

I used to keep track of the hours it took each month to research, produce, and deliver. I stopped earlier this year when I realized Farnam Street is increasingly me and I am increasingly Farnam Street (not to mention consistently crossing 100 hours a month). My worlds are converging — and that’s a lot of hours.

Making the site something that I’d want to read, not only in the (hopefully) consistent high-quality content but also in the look and feel has been – and always will be – a priority.

In a world where everyone competes for your attention, I hope you agree that I’ve tried to earn it and do so in the right way.

While expenses come from seemingly everywhere, the site generates revenue in three ways: Amazon affiliates (if you click on a link and purchase a book they send me a very small percentage of it), sponsorship, and the generous support of readers like you.

The most important of those is the last: generous readers like you. You are what makes Farnam Street possible.

If you find any value here, I’d ask that you consider signing up for a recurring monthly (see below) or one-time donation.

Thank you for reading.

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