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The Details

Our minds are like toolboxes. If you have the right tools and you know how to use them you can free up your time, reduce your stress, and spend more time doing things that matter to you. Not only will you make better initial decisions, but you’ll see connections that others don’t.

A steady diet of concepts from multiple disciplines. You won’t be better at the things that will get you ahead in life if you only take ideas from the one discipline. You need to understand the big ideas from multiple disciplines.

The Brain Food digest is full of tools for your mind. Think of reading our newsletter as a great way to hire us — for free. Let us scour the web and read hundreds of books a year. Let us filter out the noise, contextualize and synthesize the information, and present you with some well thought out tools you can add to your mind. This takes a lot of work — two of us to be exact. We’re like your secret weapon.

We study failure and success. It’s not enough to avoid failure, you also need to study success and build up a repository of things you can do when faced with decisions. History is great to help us think about problems in three dimensional ways.

It’s not all hard science-y stuff. We’d feel like robots if we didn’t explore the age old questions of what it means to live and what makes for a good life. There is a regular dose of philosophy, history, and art.

You also want to include things about living. While we want the sciences, they can’t be the only tools we have. We also want to explore fuzzier subjects like art, human misjudgment, decision making, strategy, and philosophy.

Over 80,000 weekly readers. They don’t like wasting time either. Readers include Fortune 100 CEOs, Championship NFL coaches, four-star generals, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, Nobel Laureates, hedge fund managers, high school teachers, professors and everyone in between. What they all share is a passion for learning and gaining and edge.

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“This invaluable blog offers a wonderfully broad range of practical wisdom — on everything from making smarter decisions to improving our work habits to thriving in the face of adversity. I’m a devoted reader of Shane Parrish’s writing and have learned a great deal from his life-enhancing insights.”
— William Green, Author of The Great Minds of Investing

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