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Farnam Street is devoted to helping you develop an understanding of how the world really works, make better decisions, and live a better life. We address such topics as mental models, decision making, learning, reading, and the art of living.

In a world full of noise, Farnam Street is a place where you can step back and think about time-tested ideas while asking yourself questions that lead to meaningful understanding. We cover ideas from science and the humanities that will not only expand your intellectual horizons but also help you connect ideas, think in multidisciplinary ways, and explore meaning.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and run by Shane Parrish, we operate around the globe and have helped millions of people master the best of what other people have already figured out.

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The Value of Play As a Driver of Innovation

August 21, 2017

Innovation does not always have to be the result of serious study and agonizing progress. As Steven Johnson so eloquently argues in Wonderland: How Play Made the Modern World, many of the activities and endeavors we have undertaken for pleasure have fueled an exceptional amount of innovation and discovery. The story of play, of how […]

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The Butterfly Effect: Everything You Need to Know About this Powerful Mental Model

August 14, 2017

“You could not remove a single grain of sand from its place without thereby … changing something throughout all parts of the immeasurable whole.” — Fichte, The Vocation of Man (1800) *** The Basics In one of Stephen King’s greatest works, 11/22/63, a young man named Jake discovers a portal in a diner’s pantry which […]

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Ed Latimore on The Secret to a Happy Life

August 10, 2017

Ed Latimore (@EdLatimore) might be the most interesting person you’ll ever meet. Ed is a professional heavyweight boxer, physics major, and philosopher. He’s the author of the cult-hit Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Superpower. This interview looks at the physics of boxing, the value of a coach, and a lot of philosophy. […]

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