Farnam Street’s Podcast: The Knowledge Project

The Knowledge Project

“This show is unique in that it actually delivers on what others promise. It's interesting and practical in a way that is unobtrusive.”

— iTunes Review

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Welcome to the Farnam Street Podcast called The Knowledge Project.

The goal for the show and the website is the same: master the best of what other people have already figured out.

On The Knowledge Project, Shane follows his curiosity as he talks with remarkable people to uncover frameworks YOU can use to learn more in less time, make better decisions, and live a happier and more meaningful life.

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Episode 24: Susan Cain: Leading the “Quiet Revolution”

Episode 23: Life Lessons from a Self-Made Billionaire: My Conversation with Ray Dalio

Episode 22: Givers, Takers, and the Resilient Mind. My Conversation with Adam Grant

Episode 21: Ed Latimore on The Secret to a Happy Life

Episode 20: Marc Garneau on the Future of Transportation

Episode 19: Rory Sutherland on the Psychology of Advertising, Complex Evolved Systems, Reading, Decision Making

Episode 18: Naval Ravikant on Reading, Happiness, Systems for Decision Making, Habits, Honesty and More

Episode 16/17: Field Trip (Greece), Parts one and two.

Episode 15: Samuel Arbesman on Complex Adaptive Systems and the Difference between Biological and Physics-Based Thinking

Episode 14: Morgan Housel on Investing and Life.

Episode 13: Pedro Domingos on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Episode 12: Véronique Rivest on How Sommeliers Taste, the 20-Minute Rule, Starting a Wine Group and So Much More

Episode 11: Ryan Holiday on Reading, What It Means to Be a Stoic, and How to Take Notes

Episode 9: Alexander Shelley on the Architecture of Music, the Popularity of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, and the Necessity of Music

Episode 8: Julia Galef on Becoming More Rational, Changing Minds, and Filtering Information

Episode 7: Venkatesh Rao on the Three Types of Decision Makers, Mental Models, and How to Process Information

Episode 6: Philip Tetlock on the Art and Science of Prediction

Episode 5: Chris Dixon on Why Companies Fail, the State of Venture Capital, Artificial Intelligence

Episode 4: Jason Zweig on Writing, Risk, and Why Historical Perspectives Matter

Episode 3: Sanjay Bakshi on Reading, Mental Models, Worldly Wisdom, and Investing

Episode 2: Michael Lombardi on Decision Making, the Four Elements of Leadership, and the Difference Between Good and Bad Coaches

Episode 1: Michael Mauboussin on Intuition, Experts, Technology, and Making Better Decisions